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Friv games can be defined as simple games, aimed mainly at the youngest players, which belong to the genre of logical, adventure, arcade, puzzle and other games. They are connected by simple controls, undemanding gameplay and speed. The player achieves successive levels, earning a certain number of points for successfully completing tasks. A lot of games in this category have gained great popularity and now provide entertainment to millions of players around the world.

Some Friv games are multi-player struggles in multiplayer - each player tries to get the best score on a given board, and after a defeat, he quickly starts the game again (e.g. slither.io).

Initially, Friv games were hosted on one of the websites with browser-based computer games. After gaining a lot of popularity, Friv games are called the next versions of classic games available on the website in the past.

It's hard to identify the most popular Friv titles - the games are diverse, and even within one type of game (e.g. a snake or a 2D adventure game) there are many variants, the rules of which are slightly different.

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