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Hidden objects games are designed for perceptive people with truly detective skills. Each board of such a game is a picture (or a room) on which the player has to find as many items as possible. Searching for hidden objects is a great exercise for the intellect and our memory, and if the game is accompanied by the passage of time, or the voice of a friend who says that he has found more hidden objects - the game becomes even more interesting. Ambitious and attentive players can find all the items hidden by the game creator, even the games were in the most unexpected places.

There are many variations of hidden object games. The main theme can be rooms at home, cities, a coral reef or an abstract jumble of shapes. Depending on the selected game mode, you need to find all specific items of a given type, numbers, shapes, people - how many games, so many approaches to this topic. Regular searching for hidden objects can also be helpful with other puzzles - such as "spot the difference" games or skill games (eg balls or diamonds).

Games of finding hidden objects are usually available for free and can be played without downloading anything to our computer.

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