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Bubble Shooter HD

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About the game Bubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter HD - bubble shooting pro version

Games with names such as balls, bubbles or just Bubble Shooter HD are something for people who like activities that bring instant satisfaction and a lot of fun. They are also not difficult, so both a child and an elderly person who is not necessarily too good with technology can play them. Sit comfortably in a chair if you can. If not, you can handle the application even while standing on the bus. Be careful! Let's start the fun.

In front of you are rows of colorful titular bubbles. There are six shades, and it's your job to make sure you keep them all out of sight. How to do it? Well, with a magic crossbow from which you can shoot identical balls. Watch carefully what color you have in your crosshair, then point it towards the correct color point. The more balls of a given color are nearby, the more you will drop in one go. Note, however, that missed shots will cause the layers on the board to grow, so it's not worth acting in a panic and without thinking.

Bubble Shooter HD allows you to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of physics. You have three levels to choose from - beginner, expert and master - and in the first one you can clearly see the lines that indicate the planned trajectory of the ball's movement. Thanks to this, you will easily find out where the ball will land after bouncing off the wall, and whether you will be able to hit it precisely between the given rows of elements.

In the Bubble Shooter HD variant, you can also personalize the appearance of the board - choose a subdued default one or opt for more pink, green or blue. If you want and they may be annoying or distracting for you, turn off the sounds (and even animations!) accompanying the game. When you get rid of all the balls of a given shade from the board, it will not return to the game in a specific game - this is very helpful! So there will probably be a shot to one or two colors at the end. How quickly can you reach the goal?

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