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Rummy Multiplayer


About the game Rummy Multiplayer

Rummy is a number and chance game also known as Rummikub. However, Master Rummy is its card variant. It's just that instead of blocks with numbers, cards are used in the game (the same as in poker or a thousand).

The player's goal in Master Rummy is to lay down all of his cards in a certain combination. At the very beginning, all players (there can be two to four) are dealt ten cards each, and all the remaining cards are placed on the table, face up, so that no one can see them. Only one of them is placed face up next to it so that it is visible to everyone. Each player during his turn can either take one of them - either one face down (random) or the one that lies face up.

Every time it's our turn, we not only take a card from the table, but also check whether we can't make one of the three face cards - three of a kind, flush or straight - from those already in our hand. Each of the cards put on the table increases our score (from 1 point for an ace to 10 points for a ten), and the first player to get rid of all cards or score 100 points wins!

If the above description of the game seemed a bit complicated to you, don't worry - once you start playing, everything will become clear to you in the blink of an eye and you won't even notice when you start seeing card layouts like genius math formulas. We especially recommend playing with friends or family on one computer, but if you don't find anyone willing to play together, they are waiting for you online, in multiplayer mode.

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