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The hugely popular and beloved game Among Us returns in a variety of editions and styles. Feel the role of a real (though cartoonish ... and without hands) cosmonaut who has specific orders to complete. This task is only for determined people, ready to stand up to the obstacles that fate throws at us. And for the head. And in the face. Well, you can't be afraid of everything, right? Nevertheless, prudent is always secured, so it is worth expecting the worst just in case.

Whichever Among Us you choose, there's a great cosmic vibe and truly out of this world quests waiting for you. The multitude of prepared challenges will allow you to have fun for many hours. Look for other astronauts in the maze before they can collect the diamonds. Or maybe this time you just prefer to sneak and avoid the trinket guard? Your choice that you can change literally at any time, and you will not lose progress at the same time. You can play in the browser of your computer or your smartphone as most versions are adapted to mobile devices.

Of course, there are also variants in which you have to focus like a real treacherous saboteur on depriving your fellow scientists. There is no room for hesitation - precision and reflexes are the key to victory! He's losing, but not yours, so losing means winning, or something like that. Do you feel encouraged? It's a sign that Among Us games are made just for you.

aplikacja mobilna