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Do you like challenges and fun in guessing games as well as unusual, eccentric aesthetics of games? Be sure to test the Troll Face Quest games, a detective game in which the heroes are slightly caricatured characters. Your task is to solve the puzzles you face in the task. Choose the right path or say goodbye to victory!

The witty games of Troll Face Quest come in several versions. The first most popular sub-type is Troll Face Quest Horror, with Halloween themes, predatory aesthetics, and spine-chilling (well, actually fun) characters. The dark design fits the mysterious atmosphere of the challenges. The second subtype is Troll Face Quest USA Adventure. Different levels of the game in an exaggerated American style amuse and ... amusing. Here you will find references to themes known from pop culture, celebrities and not necessarily liked politicians. Don't be outsmarted by a meme character and earn the Order of the Undefeated.

In each version, Troll Face Quest presents you with new puzzles of various difficulty levels. You start, of course, from the first level, and there are always several of them. It's good entertainment for a long, boring afternoon or to celebrate Halloween (especially in the first edition). Play on your own or play with friends in parallel, each with their own device. Who will be the first to come up with a solution without letting go of the raspberries?

aplikacja mobilna