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Cookie Crush 3


About the game Cookie Crush 3

Welcome to Cookie Crush 3 - the latest iteration of the beloved and addictive match 3 game! A lot has changed since your last visit. Of course, everything just got a little more colorful, fun and sweeter. At its core, Cookie Crush 3 remains the game you know and love. Again, you'll need to combine at least three delicious cookies to clear them from the board and complete the level objectives to continue your journey. But it is not everything! Meet your new host, Gingy, the adorable gingerbread man. It will gladly guide you through 700+ levels and teach you all the tricks you need to know to solve even the most complicated puzzles. Come back everyday and receive daily rewards. Complete daily missions for extra coins and boosters, or play the daily challenge for extra stars that can help you unlock treasure chests and gates to new levels. Play Cookie Crush 3 now for free and enjoy tons of addictive match-3 challenges and calorie-free sweets!

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