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Colors Bubble Shooter


About the game Colors Bubble Shooter

Colors Bubble Shooter - the perfect game to de-stress!

Colors Bubble Shooter is an online game that will absorb you for many long hours. Your goal is to shoot colored bubbles in groups of the same color to get the most points. The gameplay is simple and pleasant, and thanks to the varied difficulty level, everyone will find something for themselves. It also has many elements, such as power-ups, that make our task easier.

What's more, in Colors Bubble Shooter you can compete with your friends and see who is the better shooter. With the ranking app, you can also set up your score with players from around the world. If you like puzzle games and want to prove yourself in them, Colors Bubble Shooter is for you. Join the fun now and become a bubble shooter master.

The rules of the game Colors Bubble Shooter

The rules of Colors Bubble Shooter are very simple. The goal is to shoot all the colored bubbles off the screen and you will do this by aiming at them with the bubble on the bottom panel. To shoot the bubbles, they must be placed in at least three groups of the same color. When you hit such a group, you will score points, and the remaining bubbles will move down, making empty spaces. The game is over when the bubbles touch the bottom of the screen or when you manage to shoot them all.

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