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What is the Girls Games Category? Are these really online games reserved for girls only? Of course not! The pleasures of such games can be enjoyed by all those who wish to do so. Here you will find a full range of stereotypically considered "girl" categories, such as dress-up, makeup and nail styling games, dating games and Love Pins' love dilemmas. They are also simulators of childcare, pregnancy and household chores.

One of the games described by the category for girls is the witty proposition Secret Office Kiss. It is a reflex game and your task is to connect two co-workers in love in such a way that their boss does not find out about it. Stay active throughout your workday and try to follow your daily kissing schedule. After filling the heart you get bonus points! Do not get caught by the mustachioed boss - amors in the workplace can have serious consequences, such as losing your job! Take the opportunity when you manage to pour yourself some water or discuss on the phone, be smart and safe.

When asked if girls can only play games categorized as for girls, the obvious answer is: why not again! If you have such a daughter, or you are a girl yourself, who loves car races or sports games more than dressing up - choose activities in your free time so that they bring you satisfaction and real joy. This is the most important thing! So play games for girls for free and see for yourself how much fun these games can provide!

aplikacja mobilna