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Butterfly Kyodai

2783 RATINGS | RATING: 3.3

O grze Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai Classic - a beautiful game of perceptiveness, play now and check what you can do!

There is no game more aesthetically pleasing for a demanding challenge than Butterfly Kyodai Classic. Each combination of two identical wings will give you an immediate reward in the form of a beautiful animation of a flying butterfly. Let yourself be enchanted by the winged magic of nature and at the same time face the challenge of the perceptive. In Butterfly Kyodai Classic, you have two types of support to help you - a hint that will highlight one of the available pairs of wings and a full reshuffle of the current setting.

The rules of the game in Butterfly Kyodai Classic are very simple, although each completed board causes additional difficulties. But it won't stop you, does it? The wings can be joined together if you can draw a solid line between them. You only map the route vertically or horizontally, and you can make a 90-degree turn up to two times. Initially, there are no additional restrictions, but after the first board you complete, you'll see Butterfly Kyodai Classic decide to make your task harder. Play now!

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