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Perfect games for those looking for very simple, undemanding games to relax. Clicker games consist of clicking on the places shown, which allows you to score or expand. Depending on the selected title, we can manage an enterprise, run a restaurant or a sports club.

If you would like to get to know the life of a YouTuber and reach millionth ranges starting from scratch - try your hand at Tube Clicker. Grow your channel and improve your marketing tools to get more subscriptions. We perform all actions - of course - by simply clicking on the appropriate places indicated in the game.

Habbo CLicker gives you the opportunity to try your hand at the hotel industry. The player expands the hotel, employs more people and increases revenues. The game is very simple, but you can enjoy some time with it.

Other clickers (as you might call clicker games) simply perform certain actions by clicking or taping the screen on a mobile device. Hanger 2 is an interesting, arcade clicker game. The player controls a spider-man-like character and can move that way. Each click releases the rope, thanks to which our little guy travels to the finish line, overcoming appropriately designated checkpoints and avoiding obstacles.

OnlyGames.io has many similar clicker games. Kklikers are free and available in many different editions.

aplikacja mobilna