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About this game

The checkers game, which is simply classic checkers, is an addictive, competitive board game on a chessboard. Much simplified in relation to chess, it is perfect, for example, in the case of a boring, rainy afternoon or a cold. Easy rules make it possible to invite even the youngest to play - maybe your child will be tempted to outsmart adults?

Checkers is about moving along uniform tracks using flat pieces of white and black color. The rules are simple - don't get killed! You move diagonally one square, only on the black squares. To get rid of an opponent's pawn, you must have space to jump over it. By gradually depriving him of his elements, you weaken his army and thus bring you closer to victory. Outsmart the competition and safely lead all your pieces to the other side of the board (or maybe: checkers). Decide whether you want to play against your opponent or solo and develop your unique tactics to win.