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About the game Checkers

The Checkers game is a classic computer checkers game. You can choose up to four levels of difficulty and a board for 8 or 10 pieces. It is a game that is quite a logical challenge and requires careful planning of your next moves.

About the game Checkers

The Checkers puzzle game is nothing more than the good old classic checkers. Who did not play them in childhood with their grandfather or dad? From now on, thanks to the browser version of this iconic game, you do not have to worry about the lack of an opponent - it will be replaced by a robot, i.e. a computer.

But don't be afraid of his infallibility, it has been programmed so that everyone has a chance to outplay him. Take on a virtual rival and try Checkers on Onlygames for free.

Checkers puzzle game

Old, wooden chessboard and magnet figures ... maybe the virtual version of checkers will not replace it one hundred percent, but in two aspects it has a significant advantage: firstly, you will always have someone to play with, and secondly, you will never lose your pawns.

Checkers is a classic checkers game, the rules of the game can be recalled at any time in the main menu. The game consists in moving your pieces diagonally forward, towards the opponent's half. Rival figures can be captured by jumping over them.

In the game of Checkers, if you manage to get your pawn to the other end of the board, he then receives the crown and becomes the so-called "Lady". Then you can move it both forward and backward across the board. The person who eliminates all of the opponent's pieces wins. The game can be played on four levels of difficulty, you can also decide whether you want to play with eight or twelve pawns.

Take a sentimental journey through time, play checkers and show the computer how to win in the free game Checkers on Game Planet.

Features of the game Checkers

  • Virtual version of the classic game of checkers;
  • Mind training, the element of competition and great fun all rolled into one;
  • Four difficulty levels to choose from;
  • Graphics referring to the traditional board game;
  • Addictive entertainment for both young and old.
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