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Checkers is one of the most popular classic games known all over the world. The lack of randomness and very simple rules mean that the player must demonstrate strategic thinking skills and excellent preparation for the moves of his opponent.

Checkers online - another classic in the online version

Do you know how much entertainment is contained in such inconspicuous tools as a smartphone, a slightly larger tablet or a computer? There are plenty of options to play at your request - including such classics as checkers. This close friend of chess is a great way to train gray cells. Arrange a game with your brother or mom or play by yourself, choosing a computer as your opponent.

Do you know what online checkers are all about? At the beginning, you have four difficulty levels to choose from - from easy to expert (with time, you will definitely master them all!). Then you decide whether you prefer to play with white or black pawns (unlike in chess, in this case, the player controlling black starts the game).

You move in diagonal lines, one square forward at a time, trying to eliminate your opponent's players (jumping over them when the opportunity arises). When you manage to reach the top of the board, the pawn gains queen status and can move up or down, making the campaign much easier.

Online checkers allow you to try your hand at playing with 2 people and against the computer (single player mode). Some versions of the game give you the opportunity to improve your skills by completing specific tasks and getting hints shown by the game engine.

How to play checkers?

In drafts, we see a board on which each player gets exactly 12 pawns. We move our pawns alternately with our opponent, being able to move only one field and only diagonally. During the game, we can capture the opponent's pieces by jumping over them.

Most often, a typical chessboard is used to play checkers (8x8 board with alternating white and black fields). In the circle of professional players, however, only a much more complicated variant is considered a sport discipline - 10x10 checkers (the so-called Polish Drafts). The world championships are played in this variant of drafts, it can also be found in the browser version.

The rules of the game are simple - 2 people initially have 12 pieces of different colors (usually white and red). Players alternately move their pieces trying to capture the opponent's pieces. The aim of the game of checkers is to capture all of the other player's pieces. Checkers is a game that ends when one of the players loses all the pawns or will not be able to make another move.

To learn more about the rules that are crucial when playing checkers, it is worth taking a look at the article: How to play checkers?

If you want to learn more about how to play checkers, check out the checkers rules .

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