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The game of marbles is currently one of the most popular types of browser-based computer games. Simple rules, pleasant operation and colorful graphics make the mere thought of spending a few minutes with the balls puts a smile on your face. In addition, we are talking about free games here, which additionally encourages you to at least try an adventure with them. Everyone knows a person whose friend in the game of marbles reached the level of 1250, and it took many hours and lasted many years.

Usually, the ball game consists in arranging the balls on a rectangular table divided into a pattern by moving them and combining them into specific groups and sequences. Several adjacent marbles will disappear if they are of the same color or have the same symbol. Another variation involves shooting a ball of a certain color from the bottom of the board upwards, so that by hitting the right place it will make other balls of that color disappear.

The vast majority of ball games are typical, free arcade games, some, however, have an extensive tactical element, requiring the player to predict a few moves ahead. The simplest balls are aimed mainly at children, they often contain elements and graphics known from fairy tales.

aplikacja mobilna