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Casual games are simple, everyday games - seemingly nothing unusual, and yet they still enjoy tens of thousands of children and adults around the world. In the online version, in your browser on your computer or on the screen of your mobile device, they have the added advantage that you can take them with you almost anywhere. Ordinary games may be slightly dimmed by the glow of others, in the era of colorful 3D productions, but fans of the classic always appreciate the good old game mechanics, which can be played today with thousands of people from around the world. Browser games don't even require setting up the table and setting up the board!

One of the iconic casual games is, of course, chess. This royal game will never get boring and will never go out of style - mastering it at a master level can take a lifetime, and the further you delve into, the more brilliant and fascinating it becomes. The web version, through the site, is a great place to practice. If you're going to spend long hours practicing, it's great not to have to reassemble pieces every time or look for willing opponents - you can play against avid chess players from around the world or practice solo.

Casual games also include simplified chess (i.e. checkers), a grinder, ludo in various versions and interesting card games. Choose the proposal you want and let yourself be absorbed by the magic of traditional, ordinary and well-known games - in classic or customized versions.

aplikacja mobilna