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Space Bubbles


About the game Space Bubbles

Space Bubbles - space adventure


If you are looking for something interesting to click on in the browser version, test Space Bubbles - as soon as you open it, you will be delighted with beautiful, purple graphics with cosmic elements. There are a lot of levels to complete, and with each successive level the difficulty increases, putting players new challenges. Test yourself in this competition by testing your good eye and agile fingers. Imagine that you are a space station worker and your task is to shoot colorful elements by targeting them with the rocket launcher. Sounds cool, doesn't it?


Space Bubbles is a fun game not only for children, but also for their parents. If you need to kill some time in the waiting room or at the bus stop, immerse yourself in the star world of delicious fun. Match at least three balls of the same color so that they just melt into space, adding points to you. If you get stuck, the option to change the color of the ball you throw may be helpful. Remember that you have this option.


Games like Space Bubbles are undemanding, fun and rewarding ideas for a boring, rainy afternoon or school break. The classic game with an easy mechanism can pull you in for long hours, especially in the case of such an extensive level plan. Also check your stamina - how many levels can you complete? Play comfortably in a computer, smartphone or tablet browser.

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