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Fairyland Merge & Magic


O grze Fairyland Merge & Magic

Welcome to Fairyland Merge & Magic, you are on a connected island full of amazing pieces, the best you will ever put together! This story is nothing like ordinary fairy tales, because it is a unique collection of fairy tales seasoned with true magic of combining elements.

Have you always dreamed of having a dragon? Here you can combine dragons, unicorns, dwarfs or other fantastic beasts! It's your own world and your rules, it's up to you what this land will look like. Connect dragons now and have fun with your dragon farm! What merger will be next?

Key Features of Fairyland Merge & Magic:

  • Familiar characters in a new, beautiful and magical environment
  • An intriguing storyline with an amazing main story and exciting side-quests.
  • Countless new lands to discover and connections to do.
  • Fantastic puzzles to complete and rewards to collect.

Are you wondering what it's like to manage a land where everything can be combined? Stop asking yourself questions and jump straight into this fantastic game full of connectivity stories. If you love free games and you love to combine elements, then Fairyland Merge & Magic is the perfect solution for you!

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