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Bubble Invasion - the invasion of aggressive bubbles

While the wording "aggressive bubbles" sounds like a true oxymoron, this version of the Bubble Shooter game really does it. Bubble Invasion uses the classic, known mechanism of breaking groups of colored balls by targeting one of them, but in this case there is a small-big difficulty. What is it about? Well, the mentioned aggressive balls approach you, limiting your room for maneuver and the time to make a decision. You must act quickly and efficiently so that they cannot beat you!

Bubble Invasion is a classic ball game, but the entry threshold is slightly higher. Offer it to children who can cope with time pressure and already know the basics of hitting the ball - otherwise it can be a bit frustrating. However, if you need a bit of adrenaline yourself to keep the entertainment fun, you will surely enjoy this modification.

Once you get used to the passage of time in Bubble Invasion, it will be easy for you to get more ceilings. Allow yourself to cheerfully discover the secrets you will find in the next levels. Be surprised by bombs, rainbow balls and other accessories. Decide for yourself whether they will make it easier for you or make it difficult for you to play. Undoubtedly, a helpful element is a small announcement of the upcoming color of the ball, which to some extent affects the planning of throws. Get rid of all bubbles and become the king of Bubble Invasion!

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