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A recipe for boredom - big and small

Disgusting weather outside, no motivation, the entire internet has been watched, the library has been read, and you can't think of a way to get bored? Or maybe you are waiting for a several-hour lonely journey by train? Find the perfect recipe of fun and relaxing computer games that will take you to another dimension of joy. Choose simple, colorful, also perfect for children, or slightly larger intellectual challenges - depending on your mood and attitude. You will undoubtedly cover even the most boring afternoon with them.

Fruit Mahjong may not look like its prototype, but the mechanism of action is a bit similar - here, too, you have to search for identical tiles. This is the perfect entertainment for boredom. It is a simple task, because the elements drawn on them are colored sheepskin, which can be easily distinguished from each other. Remember that you can only remove bricks that can be joined with a maximum of triple broken lines - otherwise the list is not available. Easy rules, a nice board, a lot of levels and interesting challenges - this is the easiest recipe for boredom, or rather to overcome it.

Fire and Water games, for example in the Temple of Light version, are a sensational proposition for those who, in order to make their time enjoyable, most willingly pursue logical puzzles. Here, your task is to move the characters of the two title elements, finding ways to overcome obstacles and jointly getting to the next levels. There is no place for boredom here - there is always something to be done!

aplikacja mobilna