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Although it does not necessarily sound like a proud habit - many of us sometimes enjoy playing something nice at work. Of course, such activities during the break are most appropriate, but this is not always the case, right? If you happen to have had a very boring day and you don't have much to do, but you don't want your superiors to think your position is basically unnecessary - pretend you're busy. Some addictive games are sure to help.

The titles in the "office sweetheart" category undoubtedly include all kinds of slow logic games and puzzles. Choosing them, you do not have to stress that you will not finish the level, because some client will call in an important matter. You can always go back to the game - be it any version of mahjong or math sudoku - and finish what you started in peace. Of course, it all depends on the nature of your work. Accountants may not be too eager to relax over mathematical puzzles.

If your position requires maximum concentration, do not choose complicated, complex and exciting games as a game at work. Under the desk it will be much easier to hide the collection of colored brilliants, breaking bubbles or combining fruits. Remember that a bit of inattention and relaxation in office work should not be harmful, but if you occupy a responsible position - be sure to set aside time for focus and possible distraction.

aplikacja mobilna