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The mysterious category of brain games is actually a series of interesting games with a very different level of difficulty. Give your gray cells a dose of healthy, developing movement by straining them properly in games in your browser. Ganglion exercise is very important, and it is best to do it in different ways during the day, not only by reading scientific books, but also by playing challenging games.


The group with a proud motto for the brain includes, among others, a whole range of various versions of chess. This age-old, royal game, despite clear rules, has always remained an inscrutable phenomenon. Stout heads spend long hours over it to reach the master level, and hundreds of books and studies have been written about the game itself. Of course, chess is not the only proposition of a logical game of intelligence - also try classic or modified sudoku, i.e. number puzzles. A mathematical and logical challenge is something much more demanding than it might seem at first glance. Are you attracted to numbers and you don't know sudoku? Be sure to catch up!


Games that do good for the brain are also a series of logic games. Seemingly simple games, such as point and click games, often require cleverness and good reflexes from players, so here it is also possible to demonstrate intelligence. Among them there will also be options for the youngest - for example, planning the route of a toy car or directing the movement of a snail.

aplikacja mobilna