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Phone games - the best way to stop boredom

Are you on the bus and you have nothing to do with your hands? Your best friend is not at school today, so you don't know what to do during breaks? The boss is currently off work, and the list of tasks turned out to be too short to fill 8 hours? Mobile games come to the rescue - you will definitely not be bored with them! Most of them are relatively easy, not very engaging, but there are also those that require a lot of attention and time. Let yourself be drawn into colorful adventures on your mobile device!

Happy Connect is a seemingly simple puzzle in which you have to create a complete network of connections from the elements presented on the screen. Move them within the designated frames so that the lines drawn on them connect. Success on a single field allows you to get to the next stage - and so on through 50 levels of increasing difficulty. As with all mobile games, you simply operate with your fingertips. The fun is accompanied by a nice melody in the background.

Match Arena is also a mobile challenge with many intriguing levels. Choose a nice character and have fun with him. What do you have to do? Compete against other users in a match 3 competition. Colorful, multi-shaped diamonds are waiting for you to sort them out. Each subsequent part brings a new challenge - and you need to collect as many green elements, then yellow ones, as possible. Show yourself with a keen eye, reflexes and cold blood!

aplikacja mobilna