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Monkey Bubble Shooter


About the game Monkey Bubble Shooter

Monkey Bubble Shooter - balls with a happy monkey

Do you know games of capturing colored balls or other elements? Here is one of them, in a beautiful, fairy-tale edition especially for children. Monkey Bubble Shooter is a fun game of controlling a cheerful monkey holding ammunition in the form of a ball or bubble, and throwing it into rows of balls suspended in the air. Your task is to control the path of the object's movement in such a way that it hits others of the same color, and when at least three join side by side - they disappear, adding you points. Simple and fun, right?

The Monkey Bubble Shooter game has a very intuitive mechanism and a satisfying pace. A dozen or so levels allow you to spend pleasant moments in relaxing concentration. Jump over the next levels with the dexterity of a monkey, earn points and stars. Remember also what the monkeys like best - they are yellow and sweet bananas, hidden between the bubbles!

The addictive game can be successfully opened in a computer browser as well as on a phone or other mobile device - so it is a good way to relax during a break at work or between classes at the university. Keep your monkey happy, feed it with the prey you receive. Get caught up in lightning-fast fun! If you are looking for a fun way to subtly compete with the youngest, run the game for them on another device and compare your results. You will see that they will love Monkey Bubble Shooter too!

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