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Singleplayer games include a single player game mode. Some of them may have a multiplayer mode that will allow you to play online.

The ability to play a singleplayer occurs both in simple logical and arcade games, as well as in more extensive, browser-based action games or car races with the possibility of modifying cars and many tracks to choose from.

Popular browser games include singleplayer balls and singleplayer crystals. The first ones include titles that involve shooting colored balls in order to clear the entire board. After hitting more than three groups of one-color balls - they disappear. Online Crystals is another logical title that requires a lot of reflex, because the time to complete the level is limited. The player swaps adjacent crystals and diamonds, if he arranges the same symbols so that three of them are adjacent to each other in a line - the line disappears and the next ones, previously in the higher row, fall in their place.

Singleplayer races allow you to compete against a computer opponent. Thanks to this, the player can easily adjust the difficulty level so that the next rallies are quite difficult, and at the same time possible to win.

Single-player games are available anytime and anywhere in the world where you have access to OnlyGames.io. This is one of the biggest advantages, because single-player games do not require waiting for more people to join the game.

aplikacja mobilna