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Bubble Shooter Tale


About the game Bubble Shooter Tale

Bubble Shooter Tale is, above all, great fun for children. The participant's task is to shoot a set of cute, colored bubbles in such a way as to combine colors and thus break their compilations. In this case, the protagonist is a cute, ginger kitten, which independently throws a bubble (or ball) towards the suspended elements and knocks them down.

Bubble Shooter Tale has many levels, each one different and just as fun. The level map is beautifully illustrated. Although it starts off fairly easily, as the player gets used to the method of action, there are new and more difficult challenges for the player to overcome.

In each round of the game in Bubble Shooter Tale, we receive information, for example, on how many leaves should be obtained to get further, and how many balls we have at our disposal. These, in turn, appear in random order, but if the color does not suit you very well - the kitten can replace it with the next in the line (or back, if it's just a mistake). Make your kitty happy by completing tasks and don't let him get sad!

Fight to earn enough points to get 3 stars. In Bubble Shooter Tale, you can use 4 upgrades to help yourself:

  • Super Aim: Increases the shooting time of the arrow
  • Rainbow bubble: fits any bubble
  • Horizontal Bomb: Destroys the entire affected row
  • Round Bomb: Destroys the circle around the affected row
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