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2D games - not so flat fun

Despite the high popularity of three-dimensional technology, 2D games are still very popular for a reason. This is a section where you can find a lot of cult items and classics not only in the retro edition. Discover your new-old favorite games and get caught up in very rewarding fun!

Bubble Shooter Tale is something for adults and children alike. The charming, fairy-tale graphics will appeal primarily to the latter, but also to all lovers of candy aesthetics. The game, built in 2D technology, consists in aiming colorful balls at the rows of balls suspended above you in such a way as to connect at least three of them and make them fall to the ground. However, this is not the only task ahead of you - on each level (and there are quite a few of them) you still need to complete an additional goal, for example, to get two fish. With time, the difficulty level increases, so it gets even more interesting.

Sudoku Classic is another proposal of a classic 2D game that will appeal to the greatest fans and fans of mathematical entertainment. Laying can be done on four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard or Very Hard. Choose one that suits your current skills so that the fun is not boring, but also not frustrating. The task is simple and difficult at the same time - you have to arrange the numbers in such a way that they do not repeat themselves in rows and columns, as well as smaller squares. So exercise your brain and get to work!

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