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About the game Splashing bubbles

Pop bubbles - another edition of Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a fun online game that is completely free to play. It will appeal to young people looking for quite classic fun, children, as well as older people who prefer games with simple mechanisms that do not require any special technical skills. The idea is simply to throw colored balls from a small cannon, and then aim them at clusters of a given color. You start with four colors - red, green, yellow and blue, and your goal is to completely remove them from your sight.

The Bubble Shooter game has a convenient rectangular interface, which makes it very practical to run it from both a computer and a mobile device with a smaller, differently oriented screen. Depending on whether you have a touchscreen display or use a mouse or touchpad, this mechanism will be controlled by you. Decide where the ball should go, and if nothing disturbs its path, it will break part of the pose to smithereens.

In fact, the pirate style means that the balls should be called colorful corals from an underwater ship - perhaps colored pearls? Feel the atmosphere and decide for yourself which version you will like. Note that Bubble Shooter in this variant has 64 levels to beat - that's a lot! Reserve some time for this little pleasure.

As usual, it is worth remembering that the laws of physics apply here as well - if the ball hits the wall, its route will change, and the landing point may turn out to be different than the one initially assumed. Develop your action strategy; if you feel stuck, try changing the color of the ball by clicking on the treasure chest or using the spacebar. Also remember that in the case of missed shots, the ceiling slowly starts to go down, until it finally reaches the lowest level, and you will have no room to escape. The only way to save yourself is to burst the bursting bubbles!

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