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Are you the type of player who greatly differentiates the methods of relaxation into the ones perfect for the weekend and the good ones for the afternoons in the middle of the week? Regardless of the answer, you will probably find some interesting suggestions in this category. People who care about a smooth and dynamic form of entertainment will surely like games with an intensely outlined competition theme. These mainly sports games are based on simple dexterity activities - most often using arrows. Invite your best buddies to play with you and play together to see who is best at maneuvering with a motorcycle or ski jumping.

Weekend games are a wide range of browser games to which everyone can classify their favorite titles. Perhaps for you it will be multiplayer chess and polishing your knowledge of complex and intriguing game strategies, while outsmarting your friends? Or lonely (or rather: independent) games in the form of various types of solitaire puzzles?

Children also need a break from school and duties during the weekend. A little time in front of the screen should not hurt them, and they will surely enjoy the colorful and developing fairy-tale games with animals in the main roles, princess dress-up games or advanced puzzles. Or maybe a whole series of adventures of the lovable Wheely car or Snail Bob?

aplikacja mobilna