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Addictive games - enter at your own risk!

Computer games can be different - short, task, artistic, language ... There is also a special kind among them and it could be described as addictive games. When entering their thicket, you have to bear in mind that you can get stuck there for hours - it's not a joke! At the same time, they undoubtedly bring a lot of satisfaction and fun to play. You will find options for adults as well as for children. Just fun!

Let's start with Sugar Heroes - this is a true match-3 classic in a colorful and charming edition. Toddlers will surely like it. An interesting history of nice sweets makes the fun even more fun, making you want to play and play ... And what is the player's task? Well, all the honey jars, fruit, cookies, jellies and other sweets must be sorted into groups of at least three identical. There are a lot of levels, and each task gets more difficult - for example, you have to collect a certain number of a given type of snacks. Such a game is completely addictive!

Addictive games are a never-ending list of exciting possibilities. Let's take the title of Sort Hoop on the wallpaper, which is a completely inconspicuous game of sorting colorful rings. You have to move items in such a way that only identical items are placed on a specific rack. At the beginning, it will be a cliché, just to warm up, and then the nuisances will require more thoughtful actions from you. Gather your strength and get drawn into a series of challenges!

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