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About the game Bubble Shooter Pro 2

Bubble Shooter Pro 2 - fun for persistent and competitive players

Ball games or just Bubble Shooter are very popular and liked all over the world. Not without reason - they are simple, pleasant and extremely satisfying. They work well during a break at work or study, they can take up your time when you are waiting in a queue or riding a bus or tram. The rules will be easily understood even by seniors staying away from technology, as well as children looking for attractions on screens. Bubble Shooter Pro 2 will bring lots of fun to everyone

Let's start with the basic rules - you have a ball launcher at your disposal, and above on the board there are the same ones, in different colors. At the beginning there are only a few colors, and over time more will start to appear. Your goal is to direct the bubbles in such a way that they hit the largest accumulation of a given shade. Then the whole thing disappears from the board, and you have more room for further maneuvers. Pay close attention to the planned trajectory of movement and familiarize yourself with the laws of physics - for example, the ball can cleverly bounce off the walls to hit the desired place

Bubble Shooter Pro 2 can be a variant for intermediate or advanced players. Why? A small difficulty is that the additional rows of balls do not appear successively, but the whole thing is constantly moving, regardless of your movements. If the bottom row touches the ground - game over, game over! Avoid situations where you have too much accumulation of elements, trying to break up as many clusters as possible.

When things go badly, a bonus in the form of a bomb can be a rescue - it will allow you to quickly and efficiently get rid of a large part of the balls from the board. However, use it wisely, for example by deciding to remove the most risky-looking set of colors. Score as many points as possible by making quick movements using your reflexes and mindfulness. Play on your computer or on a mobile device convenient for you.

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