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Mega games - a real cream in your browser

Are you looking for online entertainment for your computer, tablet or smartphone, but you want the best possible offers, a galaxy of delicious proposals that will be addictive and satisfying? Mega games are definitely something for you - a large selection of classics in various editions and options for large and small players will meet all expectations. What category of games are you most interested in?

Fruit Mahjong is a traditional mega game in a modernized, colorful version that will also appeal to the little ones. Before you, a puzzle of cubes with various fruits, but also vegetables (there will be, for example, a dignified eggplant). Your task is to find pairs and complete items in such a way as to get rid of all of them as quickly as possible. There are a lot of levels, and in the second one begins the difficulty - the dice move on the board, making catching them much more complicated. But don't be discouraged - a little training and you will no doubt be up to the challenge!

Merge Fish 2 can also be included in the mega-game group. It's a nice game in which you have at your disposal a spacious water reservoir (divided into sections on the board) and various species of fish. You have to arrange them in such a way as to combine at least three of the identical and thus create a new species. Attention! It doesn't work that way live, and animal experimentation is inhumane to say the least. In the online version, it's just fun.

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