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If you're looking for something special, the section titled super games is a list of suggestions that might be your best. Here you will find real classics in a modern edition, suggestions for games for the train or bus, as well as games to play during a break at work, at university or at school. A moment of free time is enough for a pleasant relaxation or warm-up of gray cells - depending on what you feel like doing.

Hearts is a world-renowned proposition that undoubtedly has the status of a super game. Here's a card game with competitive elements in which you can practice your combining and dexterity. A stroke of luck also counts - as it is in games of chance. There is no room for cheating - online, you cannot cheat, stick cards or take advantage of the moment when your opponent goes to the toilet to check his cards. Collect a collection of hearts (red hearts, which give the game its English name) to win.

Match Arena is a proposal from the Match 3 series, which are also included in the circle under the slogan of super games. In front of you not only many levels of gameplay similar to Candy Crush Saga, but also competition with other players. Choose your character and name it, then fight for the best possible completion of the tasks. Collect as many pieces of a given type as possible and win. Thanks to this, you will unlock new levels, achievements, gold coins, trophies and other attractions. Pleasant searches!



aplikacja mobilna