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HTML 5 is a programming language for simple games available in the browser of your computer or phone, with any operating system. Unlike Flash games (based on the formerly popular FlashPlayer plug-in), games created in this technology do not require additional plug-ins, so using them on mobile devices is possible and quite convenient. Games in this category are suitable for killing time during a break from work or classes at the university. Combining blocks into module 2048? Collecting colored diamonds? Here are popular, incredibly addictive suggestions that will definitely help you fight boredom.

HTML 5 games are usually simple games in a two-dimensional plane. Modernized versions of HTML in conjunction with JavaScript allow for interesting graphic solutions, combined with good quality sound. These types of games do not require complicated technical resources, so they load relatively quickly and work efficiently, even with limited internet coverage.

Classic games in HTML 5 include a whole collection of point and click games, logic puzzles transferred to the virtual world of board games and 2D sports games. It is also the classic Pac-Man version for the computer and phone, and a lot of offers from the category of games for children. Colorful dress up games, puzzles, word games and fun with cartoon animals, simple arcade games and ball games are also based on HTML 5.

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