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Tropical Merge

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About the game Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge - a tropical island at your disposal

Imagine that ... The whole beautiful island with breathtaking landscapes is yours. Sounds interesting, right? Then it's time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, because this vision is about to come true! Tropical Merge is an intriguing economic game in which, as Lisa, you find yourself on your home island, where Uncle Roger manages the lands of your grandfather. He should be retired by now - he is weak, unwell, so it will be on your shoulders to take care of plants grown in the area.

You start off with a few twigs in a small field - you have to take care of them, and then group them into groups with larger ones, then sell them on the local market and earn some money. Over time, in Tropical Merge you gain access to more and more land - you unlock more plots, you will also have the option of planting new, interesting species there. However, there is definitely no room for boredom here - in addition, there are all the time various challenges that allow you to develop. Uncle Roger keeps a close eye on your actions, dropping in valuable clues from time to time. Thanks to them, everything should go smoothly!

Interestingly, over time, you unlock in the game not only new parts of the field, new plants or skills. There will also be other interesting characters that you can interact with. They have various competences as well as tools, often useful in play. In Tropical Merge you will also meet cute animals - cows will be extremely useful on the farm.

Just like in the quiet agricultural life in the countryside, here you have to show a bit of humility towards nature - not all changes can happen quickly, for some things you have to wait a little longer. Humbly accept cyclical processes or other events that are somewhat prolonged in time. In Tropical Merge, magic spells won't help (although of course you can sometimes try to bribe your time by spending some gems ...).

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