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On the platform with thousands of browser and mobile games - OnlyGames.io - you will find many different types of games. Most of them require dexterity, logical thinking and remembering. Chain reaction is no different in the case of the game. Such a game means that after doing some preparations, you will start an endless sequence of events that no one will be able to predict.

While playing in a ball (eg Bubble Shooter), the player may try to capture every group of balls that can be knocked down. However, different tactics can be used. The painstaking preparation and placing the balls in the right places can result in the fact that placing the last, missing ball of a given color will start a real chain reaction, and most of the screen will become empty, bringing the player closer to victory.

Everyone has probably heard of the Bomberman game. Following the example of it, a modern variant has been created - Exploder.io. This is an online bomb game, where the player, by placing the charges, tries to defeat both other players and computer opponents. Placing the bombs in the right way can result in an avalanche of explosions of more of them, and a chain reaction will result in a victory in a given party.

And so, in the Jewel Blast chain reaction game, the player's task is to arrange the adjacent crystals and diamonds in such a way that they form a sequence of identical stamps. After arranging three identical ones in one line - they disappear and the next rows of crystals fall from the top, sometimes causing a real chain reaction and giving you a lot of points and a high place in the ranking.

aplikacja mobilna