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About the game Easter Shooter Game

Easter Shooter Game - Easter shooting game

Are you missing undemanding entertainment during the Easter season? Choose a simple and logical bubble shooter game - Easter Shooter Game. It's fun and easy to play, in which your task is to shoot Easter eggs into cascades of multi-colored eggs hanging above you. Do you know this classic theme? Probably so. It is so popular and universal that it has been interpreted for every occasion. Christmas? Halloween? - Here you are! So there has to be a place here for Easter too. If this spring holiday has a special place in your heart, you can play Easter Shooter all year round.

The Easter Shooter Game has a very nice, pastel-fairy-tale graphic design, which will surely also appeal to the youngest. In addition, during the game you can listen to pleasant melodies that match the whole. However, if you prefer to play in silence and concentration, you can easily turn off the game sounds. The game consists of many levels, and in order to get to the next ones - you have to overcome the challenge of the current level.

The requirements are no more complex than in the case of "neutral" bubble shooter games. Just remove all the elements you can destroy by shooting as many groups as possible. Plan your tactical action carefully so as not to leave lonely Easter eggs with the same pattern scattered at distant points on the board. You can easily play Easter Shooter in the browser of your computer, tablet and smartphone.

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