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Eggs - Easter games and fun

As a rule, Easter is associated with much less splendor than Christmas. However, it also has its own traditions, typical decorative elements and symbols. These include, among others, eggs: painted, in the form of Easter eggs or prepared in various forms as dishes. In the world of browser games, this theme also appears and acts as a variation on classic, well-known versions of games.

One of the Easter proposals in which eggs play the main role is Mahjong Sweet Easter. It is not a typical Chinese puzzle, but a composition made of cute Easter eggs and sweets. Chocolates, jellies and beans should be paired in such a way that you can run a broken line between them, made of up to three elements. Then the duo disappears and the remaining sweets move on. You have a certain amount of time to complete the task, and the number of hints is limited - strain your eyes and give it your best!

Are you not satisfied with this inaccurate Mahjong? Therefore, choose Easter Mahjong Deluxe, a puzzle with Easter eggs more similar in terms of gameplay mechanics to the well-known classic. Another fun that you can run on your computer or mobile device during Easter is the Easter Shooter Game. Eggs are here as balls - you throw one of the Easter eggs towards the rows of others, and when you manage to collect at least three identical ones next to each other - they disappear, leaving free space.

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