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Easter - fun games with a bunny in the background

The time of spring cleaning, cress sowing and preparation of holidays filled with the joy of reviving nature. Yes, it's about Easter! Its inherent attributes - bunnies, lambs and chicks, pastel shades and, of course, eggs - can also be found in browser games with such a tag. There are quite a few of them, they are very pleasant, and most of them are really simple. Take an overview of the coolest Easter background games!

Happy Easter Puzzle is an excellent entertainment offer for Easter. The jigsaw puzzles with cute Christmas pictures can be divided into 16, 36, 64 or 100 pieces, so they will be a challenge for children and adults. Convenient tools allow you to turn puzzles and easily find out what is happening on the board. You can choose with or without a highlighted picture (the second version is for real specialists). When you put the puzzles together, you will hear a satisfying sound announcing that the matching pieces have been found.

Easter Egg Match 3 Deluxe, in turn, is a classic of the genre from the Match 3 category. This time the elements (beautiful, richly decorated Easter eggs, of course) should be swapped in such a way that three identical ones are next to each other. Then - traditionally - the eggs disappear and you get points. This edition also features special tasks, such as getting a few specific patterns. Also remember the old rule - the farther down the levels, the harder it gets!

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