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Games for boys - a wide selection of interesting options

Are the games for boys particularly different from games for girls, moms or grandparents? Not necessarily, but it's all a matter of personal preference. However, if you are looking for items tagged this way, you might like items from categories such as sports games, battle games, horror movies or action-packed platformers. Read the entire section and choose your favorites - regardless of gender or age.

Car racing among games for boys? Of course it is! In the free games section for your browser you will find a multitude of them - you can almost choose among the types of vehicles, their colors and functions. Monster Truck 2D is, for example, exciting fun with an off-road car in the version of the classic platformer. You have to move along the planned route, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Practice aerial acrobatics, which will additionally guarantee you a solid injection of points. The fun is enhanced by energizing music.

What would a boys section be without football? Even the American one! American Footbal Challenge is a game in which you have to get used to the role of the ball collector. Equipped with appropriate gloves, you wait for a teammate to throw at you - then immediately jump towards you to catch an inconspicuous element. Reflexes, accuracy and reaction speed are all that matters - without that it can be really difficult. Don't let your field buddy down!

aplikacja mobilna