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Games for 5-year-olds - colorful dizziness

What is the best game for a 5-year-old child? The answer is: choice, color! The spectrum of offers is really wide, and valuable, developing browser games fall into different categories: there are classic puzzles, coloring books, adventure games and various simulators. Let the little ones choose their favorite version of the game by giving them as many interesting options as possible to test.

How about an evening of puzzles for 5-year-olds? It's a great idea, and games of this type develop intelligence, the ability to think logically and combine. In the version adapted to the level of difficulty of a 5-year-old, they will undoubtedly bring a lot of joy, laughter and satisfaction. Choose Fairy Puzzle, a game that never gets boring, is always on time and in place - kids love puzzles! As many as 50 wonderful, colorful pictures, consisting of sufficiently large elements, will provide your child with many hours of fantastic fun.

Or maybe your child wants to play some game with a story in the background? Dr Pandas Restaurant is a bull's eye. The player has to control the title character and take care of the restaurant he runs. It's all on poor Doctor Panda's head! Help him deal with difficult challenges together. After you finish the shift in the restaurant simulator, you can relax, for example while searching for well-hidden stars in Jungle Hidden Stars, or color funny phones in the Mobile Phone Coloring Book.

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