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Which popular browser games are your favorites? This is a question that can only be answered if you know the list of games in this category - so have a look at it and put together a set of personal favorites. Return to them whenever you feel like something. In this case, these are either total classics, well-known and loved also in the offline version, or traditional proposals referring to a not too wide range of options from the first computers (eg Atari).

Popular games usually have not very complicated mechanisms - their prevalence is due to the low threshold of entry, so there are not too many technical or intellectual obstacles. They definitely include all kinds of solitaire. Classic Solitaire is a proposition for conservative people who do not like bizarre innovations. Players who claim that too "ordinary" solitaire lacks the element of entertainment will be pleased with the entire Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which includes proposals that satisfy both fans of the classics and those more opting for interesting additions.

The popular games category undoubtedly also includes the classic Mahjong and its various variants, as well as Sudoku. Old, good and proven games that came to us from the Far East are also entertainment known from the analog version. Will there be something for fans of more dynamic games? Of course - Ski Jump or Colors Bubble Shooter definitely recommend them.

aplikacja mobilna