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NK - what to play after our Class is closed?

A popular social networking site where people could find friends from the school bench and contact them, i.e. Nasza-klasa.pl was closed in 2021. For many people, the popular NK was not only a place of socialization, but also ... of making fantastic browser games. Undemanding, simple gameplay, perfect for a break at work or relaxing in the bathtub. If you miss the fun side of our class, there's a tip for it - all the coolest games are right here!

One of the classics are all kinds of farm life simulators. Growing a plot on NK was really something - you had to feel the role of a real farmer. You can do this by turning on Farming Simulator - great entertainment is guaranteed. Drive a tractor that looks really convincing thanks to 3D technology, prepare the fields for sowing, fertilize them and harvest the crops. As your farm develops, you gain newer and more interesting options. It is really addictive!

All kinds of ball games were also a popular option on NK. For example, run Colors Bubble Shooter and let yourself be entertained wherever you are - you can play comfortably on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Just shoot colored balls at items of the same color to get rid of them all and score points. It starts out simple and innocent, but as your experience grows, you also gain access to increasingly difficult levels. Collect new achievements!

aplikacja mobilna