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One of the first space games was "Space Invader". The player's task is to control the spaceship and eliminate enemies by shooting at them. It is equally important to avoid enemy attacks. These simple rules of the game have been carried over to many browser games about space, aliens, spaceships and building your galactic power.

Movies and games from the series "Star Wars" or "Star trek" caused a great interest in the subject of space and the world of science-fiction. Many game developers have taken advantage of this by embedding the gameplay world in space. Even simple online games like tetris, pac-man, marbles, and match-3 can be wrapped up in space-based graphics, but there are many games from scratch designed for fans of intergalactic travel.

Building spaceships, shooting them at enemy ships are the rules of many browser-based space games. Others give you the opportunity to build your empire, take over new planets and - in the multiplayer version - cooperate with other players.

aplikacja mobilna