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Bubble Shooter Wheel - not ordinary balls

Do you know classic bubble shooters? Then the Bubble Shooter Wheel version can be a very interesting continuation of this fun game. See how you fare in a release where almost nothing is static. The balls, which in this version have not only nice colors, but also beautiful patterns, are arranged in a circle. They spin and you have to aim at them in such a way as to hit clusters of a given shade with a ball of the same style. You can see that it won't be that obvious at first - by the time you throw the ball, the other balls may already be in a completely different place than they were just a moment ago. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.

Bubble Shooter Wheel teaches not only patience, but also accuracy and perceptiveness. It allows you to practice a clever but methodical approach, analyze the situation, assess the chances. In case of a mistake, it does not disqualify you from having fun - if the ball falls out of the circle, it simply disappears in space-time, and you don't have to worry about it. However, just like in the classic Bubble Shooter with different variations, here too you can bounce the balls off the edges, changing their trajectory, and thus forcing them to wander in the direction you want. Test this trick, because you will surely find it useful while having fun!

Please note that the longer you play, the less points are in your account. If you want to get a great score, you definitely need to hurry - this will get you on the list of the highest achievements in Bubble Shooter Wheel. Give yourself time to get comfortable, then shoot efficiently, always on target. It's great fun for both younger and older players - the rules are easy to understand, and the whole thing is fun, interesting and extremely satisfying. It is played individually, but why not organize a small competition during a meeting with friends? Maybe it will become a family traditional competition? See if you can get into breaking your own records!

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