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Games on the go - simple and fun suggestions to pass the time

Are you traveling alone, you have nothing to read with you, and a few more hours on the train? Browser games are your godsend - they're perfect for travel! Ignore your surroundings by switching off completely for immersive gameplay. Choose your favorites that will ensure you have a good time. Which category is the best in your opinion: logic puzzles, match games or classic solitaire games?

Bubble Shooter is an interesting proposition and works well in almost all circumstances: in a queue in the store, at a boring lecture or just on the road. It is conveniently played on a smartphone or tablet and is so addictive that you can sit with it for long hours. Featuring tons of levels of increasing difficulty, the challenge goes on and on. Have you mastered the throwing of bubbles? Choose Bubble Shooter Pro and start the sensational fun again!

What to keep your child busy when traveling? Any games with TV themes should work. Hello Kitty And Friends Jumper is a beautiful game with a popular kitty in the role of the main character. What are the player's tasks? Enthusiastic jumping on platforms! This is a real challenge for little ones. After reaching the highest level or getting bored with the game, Hello Kitty And Friends Finder or Fairy Puzzle also remain. There is no time to wonder how far the road is still ahead of you!

aplikacja mobilna