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Bubble Shooter Classic


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About the game Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter Classic - good old entertainment

Do you like entertainment alone? Classic single player games will surely give you that. Bubble Shooter Classic is a joyful and trouble-free gameplay, in which your task is to aim ammunition from colored balls at the identical, hanging on the top. Take into account the trajectory of the flight, possible reflection from the side walls and other obstacles in the way.

Bubble Shooter Classic also offers interesting extras, such as bombs that explode effectively and diamonds that give you extra points. Try to aim in such a way that your ball lands in the company of others of the same color - this way they will disappear, creating a little more space and adding points to your account. You are tasked with dropping all the balls, and it is best to do it in as few moves as possible. It's simple (but not always) and extremely rewarding!

By playing Bubble Shooter Classic, you can relax and spend time pleasantly, disconnecting yourself from the stressful everyday life. It's a good idea for a break from work when you just want to calm your running thoughts and relax in a nice way. Due to the simple mechanism of action, you can also suggest gameplay to your children and see who can cope with the challenge better.

There are many levels in Bubble Shooter Classic, and as you complete them, you unlock new levels full of new challenges. A slightly different layout appears on the board each time, so the challenges also differ in the level of difficulty. To work!

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