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Time Management Games - Run, Ready, Go!

Nothing gives you more adrenaline than being aware of an upcoming deadline! Regardless of whether it is a deadline at work, an upcoming college session, a school test, or… a computer game. Playing for time, you need to mobilize your gray cells to act precisely - there will be no space for long thinking or building a strategy. Every second counts here!

One of the categories of time management games are those described as finding hidden objects, such as Halloween Hidden Objects. There is only one task ahead of you - find all hidden items indicated on the panel before the timer strikes the end of time. If it succeeds, you will achieve victory! You will get bonus points and eternal glory. Energizing music in the background adds energy. Games of this type are great fun also for kids, who are often much more observant than adults.

Rebel Gamio is an exciting race in which you start as one of the animals. The obstacle course is littered with all sorts of elements that you must cleverly avoid, jump or switch, while also being careful not to damage yourself at the same time. Collect prize cubes, remember that the fun is against the clock - whoever reaches the finish line faster, the better! Leave all the other animals behind or send them your dynamite detonation greetings - don't worry, it won't hurt them, but it will slow them down a bit.

aplikacja mobilna