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About the game Ocean Bubble Shooter

Ocean Bubble Shooter proves that you don't need much to relax in front of the computer. It turns out that all you need is... a launcher and colorful bubbles, which we have to combine into sets consisting of at least three identical ones.

These are the rules of the Ocean Bubble Shooter game in a nutshell, which you can run on your computer, from a web browser, completely free of charge. We guarantee that once you start, you won't be able to stop!

Classic bubble shooter fun

Ocean Bubble Shooter is an arcade game based on a concept known for years, often referred to as "bubble shooters". Many creators have already based on it, inventing all kinds of variations. However, you do not need any frills and variety to kidnap the player for many hours. A fully classic variation like the one featured in Ocean Bubble Shooter can get you hooked for good.

Ocean Bubble Shooter game rules

Fun in Ocean Bubble Shooter looks like this here. At the bottom of the screen we have a launcher of multi-colored bubbles, which we shoot in the direction we choose, one at a time, and at the top there is a whole bunch of such bubbles, gradually falling down.

Our task in Ocean Bubble Shooter is to shoot in such a way as to combine bubbles into groups of three of the same color. When we succeed in this art, the objects disappear. The ultimate goal in each stage is to pop all the bubbles before even one of them touches the bottom edge of the screen.

The authors of Ocean Bubble Shooter have prepared a number of boards with an increasing level of difficulty, on which we try to score as many points as possible and thus take the highest place in the leaderboard.

Features of Ocean Bubble Shooter Game:

  • representative of the popular sub-genre of "bubble shooters"
  • Shoot and match the different colored bubbles into groups of three or more
  • Eliminate all the bubbles before any of them touch the bottom edge of the screen
  • a series of stages of increasing difficulty
  • the game is available for free from a web browser
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