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Bubble Shooter Free 3


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About the game Bubble Shooter Free 3

Bubble Shooter Free 3

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Bubble Shooter Free 3, where each level is a new adventure full of strategic decisions and exciting gameplay. The game offers unlimited hours of fun without time pressure, making it perfect for players of all ages. This is a proposition in which you have to match 3 elements to be able to earn points and move on to the next stages of the game.

What's new in Bubble Shooter Free 3Bubble Shooter Free 3 introduces the innovative Bubble Swap feature, which allows you to swap the current bubble in your blaster with the upcoming one, enabling better planning and greater control over the game. Additionally, the powerful bomb creates huge explosions, eliminating several bubbles at once!

Use the Bubble Swap feature for strategic planning and keep the board clean by popping groups of bubbles. Each missed shot adds new rows, bringing the bubbles closer to the end of the game.

How to play Bubble Shooter Free 3?

Your task is to shoot colorful bubbles to create groups of three or more balls of the same color and remove them from the board. Manage the board effectively to avoid the bubbles reaching the bottom, which would result in a game over.

Immerse yourself in the World of Bubbles

Bubble Shooter Free 3 is a game that combines simplicity with depth of strategic thinking. Enjoy endless fun and feel the thrill like never before. Join thousands of players online and show off your bubble blowing skills!

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