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Bubble Game: Xmas Edition


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About the game Bubble Game: Xmas Edition

Bubble Game: Xmas Edition is a game designed for people who love to relax with electronics, but requires cleverness and strategic planning at the same time. A surprisingly pleasant element in it is the sound of broken glass balls, which in the real world would be perceived rather negatively. Here, each successful bubble setting gives you points, brings you closer to victory, increases the fun of the game and makes it impossible to break away from it. Combine the baubles in a set of at least three and you will find out how much fun smashing the baubles gives!

The unusual Christmas arrangement is pleasing to the eye and will certainly strengthen your feelings about the winter holiday season. However, this does not mean that you cannot play at any time - Bubble Game: Xmas Edition will remind you of joyful Christmas moments with the Christmas tree and the warmth of the burning wood in the fireplace at any time of the year. Play alone or plan your next moves with loved ones, the choice is yours.

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